Linda Krystina housing Society

Our Mission

To provide women and children a safe place to heal, learn, and grow. So, they will come to know their value as life givers and the future of Nations. Nurture the Spirit, Heal the Heart, Replenish the Body and Train the Mind.

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Nurture the Spirit

Heal the Heart

Replenish the Body

Train the Mind

Our Story

Our belief is that everyone’s dignity and rights should be upheld and respected. The Linda Krystina Housing Society (LKSH) came into being through devastating tragedy. Like a phoenix, we rise together from those ashes.

Our Vision

Healing does not have to hurt. By using a person-centred approach, we help transform the patterns of pain and abuse into a resilient future.

About Us

We are a supportive housing program for women in need from any background. We provide support for these women by keeping families together wherever they are on their journey.

A safe house with 24 hour, 7 days/week staffing where clients receive health and hygiene supplies, healthy meals, and necessities.

Call or Text
Any Time

(250) 401-8079

Our Core Values


holding space for individual cultural beliefs, practices, and traditions.


for the land, oral traditions, and each other.


as the value which enables people to live in harmony and balance with creation.


taking the life lessons one receives and using them to grow and change in a healthier way.


as you grow and as you know, you give that away.


interconnectedness of all living things and the spirit that exists within each of us.


building a culture of safety and security.
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